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VW Camper Insurance

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Insure your VW Bus

Volkswagen Camper Insurance

Insuring a VW camper van

If you are thinking about buying a Volkswagen Camper or Bus then you will have to get it insured. The price of insurance is generally not too bad but as with cars can increase dramatically for young drivers or high risk post codes. There can be big differences between quotes from different insurance companies so it is worth shopping around. Make sure that you are comparing like for like when comparing quotes. Some companies offer big discounts for limited mileage policies so it is worth checking this. It is better to have an “agreed value” policy on old and classic vehicles as this means that if the vehicle is written off the insurance company will pay you the exact value that has been agreed before. Otherwise some companies may try and pay you the book value that could be a lot lower than the actual value. Either way I would suggest you keep photos of all restoration work carried out and receipts for any parts purchased as it will help determine the value in the case of any problems.

There are many companies that supply specialist Volkswagen Camper insurance policies. I have listed some of the better known ones below. This is not a personal recommendation of any of the companies but just the ones I have heard of. If you know of any good companies not listed email me and I will add them to the list.


A-Plan Insurance

RH Specialist Insurance

HIC Insurance

Footman James

Performance Direct


Sureterm Direct

Volksworld Insurance

Peter Best Insurance

Glynwood Insurance

Safeguard Insurance

Carole Nash Campervan Insurance

2gether Motorhome and Campervan Insurance

Justkampers Insurance

Campton Motorhome Insurance

Heritage from Norton Insurance

Adrian Flux

Greenlight Insurance

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